Classifications: Costume and Textiles

Classifications: Costume and Textiles
Date: 1960-1975
Medium: Skin: leather; fibre
Object number: 1994.24.15
Brown leather pointed toe pumps
Date: 1960
Medium: Skin: leather
Object number: 1970.60
Brown leather shoes with buttons
Date: Circa 1900
Medium: Skin: leather
Object number: 1971.101.2
Brown woolen bodice and skirt
Date: 1896
Medium: Fibre: wool, cotton
Object number: 1964.41
Burgundy pumps with bows
Medium: Skin: leather, suede; fibre: synthetic
Object number: 1974.10.1
Date: 1914-1919
Medium: Fibre: wool; skin: leather; metal
Object number: 1973.45.2
Date: Circa 1920
Medium: Skin: leather
Object number: 1988.161.10
Child's brown velvet capelet
Date: Circa 1900
Medium: Fibre: velvet; silk; mineral: jet
Object number: 1972.51
Date: 1900-1910
Medium: Fibre: wool, silk, cotton
Object number: 1978.52.2
Medium: Fibre: cotton, wool, satin
Object number: 1988.96.8
Cream bowling style shoes
Medium: Fibre: cotton (canvas); skin: leather; synthetic: plastic
Object number: 1988.36.1
Cream coloured ballet slipper wedding shoes with ribbon on front
Date: Circa 1915
Medium: Skin: leather; fibre: silk (satin), cotton; glass (pearl beads); metal
Object number: 1983.16.125