Classifications: Decorative Arts

Classifications: Decorative Arts
Date: 1930-1940
Medium: Wood; fibre: wool; metal
Object number: 1966.87
Glove Stretcher
Date: Circa 1900
Medium: Synthetic: celluliod (French ivory); metal
Object number: 1977.30.3
Gold locket in royal blue box
Date: Circa 1930
Medium: Metal: gold; fibre: silk (velvet, satin)
Object number: 1989.42.85
Hair comb - yellow and brown
Medium: Synthetic: celluloid
Object number: 1973.41
Medium: Ceramic
Object number: 1966.219.30
Date: 1854
Medium: Wood
Object number: 1956.26
Metal bar brooch with 54 faux diamonds
Date: 1920-1964
Medium: Metal; glass (rhinestones)
Object number: 1990.66.21
Needle Case
Medium: Paper; fibre: wool (yarn), silk (ribbon)
Object number: 1975.3.17
Medium: Wood
Object number: 1955.75
Ornamental Comb
Date: 1920-1930
Medium: Synthetic: plastic
Object number: 1981.18.58
Pocket Watch
Date: 1877-1879
Medium: Metal: silver
Object number: 1967.4.2
Date: Circa 1890
Medium: Metal; glass
Object number: 1980.21.1