Classifications: Decorative Arts

Classifications: Decorative Arts
Black box with opalescent shell design and woman on front
Medium: Paper: papier maché; shell: mother of pearl
Object number: 1976x.95.1
Date: 1830-1890
Medium: Wood; plant: cane
Object number: 1964.65
Chinese brass tin
Medium: Metal: brass
Object number: 1985.9.3
Date: 1856
Medium: Wood: mahogany; metal
Object number: 1998.22.1
Dresser Box
Date: 1905-1945
Medium: Metal: silver
Object number: 1985.9.6
Date: 1930-1940
Medium: Wood; fibre: wool; metal
Object number: 1966.87
Medium: Wood: walnut; metal
Object number: 1987.36.1
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