Classifications: Personal Artifacts

Classifications: Personal Artifacts
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Cream silk wedding shoes with beaded silk bows on toes
Date: Circa 1900
Medium: Fibre: silk (satin); skin: leather
Object number: 1971.98.2
Cream wedding shoes with white ribbons
Date: Circa 1900
Medium: Skin: leather; fibre: silk (ribbon)
Object number: 1971.138.2
Dark blue leather pumps
Date: 1975
Medium: Skin: leather
Object number: 1980.18.1
Dark green Eel? scale pumps
Date: Circa 1940
Medium: Skin: snakeskin, leather; fibre: silk
Object number: 1981.18.3
Date: 1935
Medium: Fibre: silk (lace, net)
Object number: 1981.18.74.1
Date: Circa 1909
Medium: Fibre: cotton (chiffon, net), velvet
Object number: 1969.7
Date: Circa 1915
Medium: Fibre: cotton (net, lace)
Object number: 1971.63
Date: 1740-1770
Medium: Fibre: silk, linen
Object number: 1973.159
Date: 1918-1920
Medium: Fibre: cotton (muslin, lace)
Object number: 1973.132
Date: 1927
Medium: Fibre: silk, chiffon; synthetic
Object number: 1977.23.1
Date: Circa 1840
Medium: Fibre: cotton
Object number: 1981.2
Date: 1915-1920
Medium: Fibre: cotton (net, lace); metal
Object number: 1982.7.4