Celebrate Canada Poster with "Speak Out ...Canada... Pensons-y!" contest rules

Celebrate Canada Poster with "Speak Out ...Canada... Pensons-y!" contest rules

Date: 1998
Unframed: 43.2 × 27.9 cm (17 × 11 in.)
Classification: Archives
Object number: CLK.TC.4
DescriptionLaminated black and white poster for the Time Capsule and Speak Out...Canada...Pensons-y! contest info; the Poster reads:
Celebrate Canada
"A Moment In Time" Celebrating Canada
Confederation 150
From us in 1998 - To you in 2017

(French Translation)

"A MOMENT IN TIME" - "Un moment a retenir" - for people to express with they believe
Canada will and should be "in the future", and what Canada means to them to-day.
Their comments will be placed in a "TIME CAPSULE" to be opened
on Canada Day in the year 2017, Canada's 150th anniversary.

visitors to the Speak Our...Canada...Pensons-y! booth in Coronation Park
will be invited to send their comments to the future.

Words by Halton Region Chair Joyce Savoline and Mayor Ann Mulvale to be displayed & enclosed
There will be 2 basic theme questions to be addressed.
1) What does Canada mean to me to-day?
2) What would you like to see for Canada in 2017, Canada's 15th Anniversary

The responses as well as relevant mementoes will be placed in the "TIME CAPSULE"
- Canadian Coin and Stamp Collection, July 1 edition Newspaper, various current pins
an symbols promoting Canada.

Prizes will be drawn to be received at the "opening" in 2017
Prizes to be drawn for on June 21, 1998 @ 5:00 pm.

To be sealed on July 1, 1998 with a ceremony - details to be announced later

Chances are that the children participating to-day will be there for the
"Opening of the Time Capsule" in 2017.
Not on display