Manufacturer: Schiaparelli
Date: Circa 1960
Medium: Plant: straw; fibre: net
Classification: Costume and Textiles
Object number: 2015.1.16
Label text:In 2015 Carol Speirs donated over fifty hats to the Oakville Museum. The hats once belonged to her grandmother, Gladys Hill (b. 1882), her mother, Martha Hill-Speirs (b. 1922), and her aunts: Doris Hill-Paul (b. 1910), Ruth Hill-Cowan (b. 1912), Nancy Hill-Moreau (b. 1915), and Edith Hill (b. 1918). The hats were purchased primarily from millinery and departments stores in Toronto, with a few hats acquired from a relative who lived in New York.
DescriptionYellow straw braided hat; large brim in the front, covering the crown; smaller brim in the back; straw in waves on a thin netting; wide yellow ribbon on edge of brim; yellow ribbon inside of crown; ribbon at the back of the hat, part comes over the top and is tied in a simple knot at the back with ribbon hanging down; pink label inside reads 'Schiaparelli Paris'.

Not on display