Canadian postage stamps

Place used:Canada
Place of origin:Canada
Classification: Archives
Object number: 1955.84.41
DescriptionThree stamps:

First stamp is a red 3-cent stamp of George V and Queen Mary; landscape style with the portrait of the two next to each other; a scroll of their names underneath; above them reads 'POSTES' 'CANADA' 'POSTAGE'; the portraits are flanked by the date '1910' and '1935' ; the bottom of the stamp reads ' 3 CENTS 3'.

Second stamp is a green 7-cent stamp of Montcalm and Wolfe for the third Centenary of Quebec; landscape style with portraits of the two men with pillars on each side and in-between them; above reads 'CANADA POSTAGE' flanked by '1608' and '1908' and 'SEVEN CENTS' flanked by the number 7 on each side; below each portrait is their name; on the bottom reads 'III E CENTENAIRE DE QUEBEC'.

Third stamp is a green 10-cent stamp of the figure of Justice; portrait style; on the top reads 'TEN' with the number 10 on each side; below stamped in yellow is F.F.; around Justice reads 'LAW STAMP', 'TEN CENTS', 'CANADA'; writing in black at top of stamp.
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