Basket, Picnic

Medium: Fibre: wicker; cork; Metal: tin, silver; Ceramic: porcelain
Box: H: 19cm or 7 1/2"
Box: W: 29cm or 11 1/2"
Classification: Decorative Arts
Object number: 1961.2.1-12
Description(.1a) wicker basket with hinged lid, handle (.1b) strap
(.2) sandwich box with hinged lid - tin
(.3a) tea kettle with (.3b) detachable lid and (.3e) cork - (.3c) strainer and (.3d) lid
(.4a) compartment, (.4b) stand for (.4c) spirit lamp with (.4d) lid and (.4e) cork
(.5) flask
(.6) two compartment tin
(.7a) kerosene tin with (.7b) lid
(.8) match box
(.9 - .10) two silver hallmarked spoons
(.11-.12) two white porcelain cups and saucers
Not on display