Other Artist/Craftsman: UNRRA Photo
Printer: Rothstein
Date: 1946
Medium: Silver salts; paper
Place of origin:China
Classification: Archives
Object number: 1996.25.540
Label text:Collected by Juliet Chisholm while in China with U.N.R.A.A.

On back:
183. Woman famine refugee sits outside the back door of the American Presbyterian Hospital in Hengyang, Hunan, Awaiting medical treatment for huge ulcerous sore on her leg, induced by months of near starvation diet of wild vegetation. Hospital also provides food scraps from back door, but does not have facilities for large scale food relief. CNRRA and UNRRA have gathered thousands of famine victims from the streets and are feeding and housing them but thousands more are starving to death.

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) was formed in 1943 as an international relief agency. It became a part of the United Nations in 1945, but largely shut down operations in 1947 with functions mainly transfering to the International Refugee Organization and World Health Organization.

Hengyang is the second laragest city of the Hunan Province in China. On August 8, 1944 the Japanese captured the city after the longest defense of a single city during the Second Sino-Japanese War.
DescriptionBlack and white photo of woman sitting on ground with a leg wound; woman in a shirt and rolled pants; sitting next to a large leaf plant; open wound on left leg; on short stone wall behind the woman in another person with a bandage on their leg.
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