Manufacturer: J.E. Austen
Date: 1874-1900
Medium: Fibre: wool, satin, cotton
Classification: Costume and Textiles
Object number: 1956.22
Label text:The 2nd Regiment of York Militia split into sub-units after the War of 1812. In 1816, one of these sub-units formed the Halton Militia, as well as the Peel Militia in 1852. These units, along with volunteer companies, were formed into the 20th Halton Battalion of Infantry and the 36th Peel Battalion in 1866. In 1936, the two regiments formed The Lorne Scots.

J.E. Austen was established in 1874, therefore it is likely that the uniform is from the 20th Halton Battalion (1866-1936).
DescriptionMen's black wool uniform coat with braided frogs and buttons; collar and cuffs of red wool, also trimmed with braid; five frogs down front; tailored back with braided trim.
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