John Malcolm Ford

John Malcolm Ford

John Malcolm Ford served in the First World War in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. He was assigned on recruitment to the 221 Battalion, CEF. At that time he was living in East End Saskatchewan. He was born on November 11, 1885 in Omagh (now part of Milton), Ontario. His mother, Elvia Bethwood, and brother, Edward Ford (a carpenter), lived in Oakville. Ford was a farmer and was not married at the time of recruitment. He had previously served in the 20th Halton Rifles.

At the age of 31, Ford was 5'10" with a dark complexion, blue eyes and black hair.

Ford enlisted on June 10th, 1916. The 221st was based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and recruited in that city. The Battalion sailed to England in April 1917 on the S.S. Ausonia from Halifax and was absorbed into the 11th Reserved Battalion on April 29, 1917.

On May 8, 1917, Ford was admitted into Moore Barracks Canadian Hospital and was a diagnosis of Myalgia, first presenting in the knees and then moving to the ankles, elbows and shoulders. He was transferred to several different hospitals before being transferred in July to Princess Patricia Hospital. On August 21, 1917, Ford was discharged from duty with arthritis in his right arm. He was taken on by the Manitoba Regimental Depot. On January 14, 1918 he was moved to the 1st Canadian Discharge Depot, and on the 31st, he was invalided to Canada. On February 9, 1918 he returned to Winnipeg. He was officially discharged on March 7, 1918 for being medically unfit for future service.

He married Mary.

Ford died on March 31, 1973.